A teacher that fits you, not the other away around.


I soon realised in my teaching career that every student I taught was different. Too often have I come across teachers who like to instruct in one way and one way only.


I'm different.


Very luckily, I have had the opportunity to have been taught by two exceptional teachers.


Firstly, William Bruce (Head of Junior Guildhall, ABRSM Consultant Moderator and ENO Cellist) who's exceptional passion and supportive teaching helped make me into the cellist I am today.


And Josephine Knight (Alfredio Piatti Chair of Cello Royal Academy of Music), a top international soloist who's technical exptertise has helped me overcome the most difficult works in the cello repetoire.


Both these teachers taught me in thoroughly varying styles of teaching. I have been able to use this knowledge to taylor the support and drive that each individual student needs. Along with giving a different approach for each student's problem.


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I am based out of the Cookham area in Berkshire for private teaching. For Skype lessons, please click here.


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