Cellist Alexander Garrett

BMus Hons (First class), LRSM, LGSMD/LTCL, Dip:ABRSM



Introduced to music by his family at a young age, it soon became an important part of his life. He first started regular lessons with his cello when he was 10, but was a keen pianist, singer and loved to get involved with youth operetta groups in his area. His passion for music eventually formed his decision to pursue a career as a cellist, training at the Royal Academy of Music in London…


Alexander has been teaching since 2014. He has a strong private practise, and also has experience teaching in music centres including ensemble leadership and theory classes.


As a performer, Alexander has worked with top musicians from around the world. He has performed as an orchestral musician in major concert halls across the globe but is equally comfortable working for choral socities, amateur orchestras or providing background music for functions. Extreamly flexible, he is happy working on new music, jazz or whatever other projects might pass his way. 

Other services

Skpye Lessons

Far away or can't drive to frequent lessons? Skype lessons available on request to meet your personal needs.

Cello Searching

Are you looking for a cello or bow for yourself or your child? Don't know what you're looking at? What's a good deal? Provide a budget and Alexander will do the searching for you!

Finding the right musician

It can be difficult finding the right musician to fit the job. Alexander is used to working in all sorts of enviroments and styles, both the normal and the unsual! If you have any questions you'd like to ask, please use the 'contact me' button below.

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